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Easter Long Weekend 2013

Spring has come already but it still feels like winter in Toronto but this Easter Saturday was super sunny, tho it wasn’t warm enough but we just couldn’t wait to have a BBQ 😛  We had something I never tried, not sure if you guys ever had, look at those super size clams and salmon on cedar wood below.  Not to mention I didn’t know you could cook salmon this way either, a little seasoning, a few pieces of lemons, into the grill and in a few mins, Viola!!!

Just like every gatherings we had at Karen’s house, it was fun and filling, and of course for the kids, they were high on sugar, playing/running around like crazy the whole night…

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Celebrating Karen’s Bday early @ TOMO SUSHI Japanese Restaurant

It has been kind of a tradition that me and my friends would treat the birthday person a nice meal and to celebrate Karen’s up coming birthday, we picked TOMO SUSHI.  The last time I was there was with my Aunties http://www.karlng.com/blog/?p=5522 and with 10 people this time we could order a whole lot more 😛  As usual, I always enjoy the moments with my friends no matter what we do and having nice dinners with them would just step a notch up 😛  From what I remembered from my last experience was that their food was really good and the presentation of food was quite amazing and over the years I have learned food presentation would definitely make food taste a lot better and ummm, just compare the pictures I took from months ago http://www.karlng.com/blog/?p=5522 and below… noticed anything different?  Food was still great… if I closed my eyes if you know what I mean…  Anyways, it was still super fun hanging out with friends and of course, wishing Karen a super happy birthday this coming Friday 😀

Not sure if I want to dine in there again… but take out is still good tho 😛

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House Warming Party finally :-P

Thanks Ruby and Jason for this amazing house warming party.  Really didn’t expect Ruby could actually cook, hahaha and I did offer to help out and she still insisted to do everything by herself, so I assumed she is slowly turning into a house wife now?  Hehehe  Anyways, enough with the teasing part, everything tasted really good, I bet everyone was surprised, especially those fishie dishes she made. I hope we can have more gatherings like this in the coming future because it is not easy to find a place to hang out with no kids around nowadays 😛 Again, huge thanks to Ruby and Jason, I think you guys achieved your goal that night because it was a 100% success and congratulations on having your first home together 🙂

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New Year’s Eve 2012 recap

The New years Eve 2012 was not as exciting as the previous years but we had tons of fun because we could celebrate it with some of our best friends together 😀  We didn’t really have any plans for the day and we kind of made our last minute decision after our lunch.  Went to Costco and grabbed all the food we needed, then to Baskin Robins to get our dessert, that’s about it 😀  Really didn’t expect Grace would lose her voice because she was perfectly fine the day before, we really thought we would lose some fun if she couldn’t talk but instead, it was even more funny 😛

and here is a video of Grace that night, super funny :p

Anyways, a year had past, a New year has come, so what’s your New Year’s resolution?

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Christmas Day Hotpot 2012!!!

On this Christmas Day, we decided to have our biggest hotpot dinner we had ever had in 2012 at Karen’s house.  Karen and Grace had to bring the kids to see Disney on ice in downtown, so me and Simon along with others had to get this hotpot dinner ready in the afternoon.  There were a few things that we never had in our hotpots home style, like the chicken wings end (雞翼尖), Hong Kong Style fish balls (彈牙街邊魚蛋) and a few misc. things 😀  We had a great time of course, but I think the happiest person of the night was Marcus, because he got to open all the gifts at the end of the night, hehe.

Unfortunately, Marcus got a very bad paper cut opening the gifts at the end of the night…  hope his finger will be ok soon 😛  Anyhow, happy holidays to everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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