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Aug 25 2014


I was nominated by Minnie Yuen to take this ALS ice bucket challenge, I gracefully accepted and donated to

I didn’t nominate any more people because most of my friends had already done it, either if you do or don’t take this challenge, please make a donation to ALS for their research. Thanks!

and Thanks Cheryl Chow for being behind the scene for this video 🙂

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Jul 07 2013

“kids” – a short video using my Sony ActionCam

Finally made a video using some of the footage from my Sony ActionCam, while I was uploading to YouTube,  I realized the last video I uploaded was almost 2 years ago.  I here to promise, I will make videos more frequently.  Anyways, here is a video of some misc. short clips of kids that I hang out with almost every week that’s why I call this video “kids”.  FYI, in the beginning and at the end, those clips were shot in 120 fps slow motion mode, and for the rest were just regular 30 fps, enjoy!

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Dec 31 2012

New Year’s Eve 2012 recap

The New years Eve 2012 was not as exciting as the previous years but we had tons of fun because we could celebrate it with some of our best friends together 😀  We didn’t really have any plans for the day and we kind of made our last minute decision after our lunch.  Went to Costco and grabbed all the food we needed, then to Baskin Robins to get our dessert, that’s about it 😀  Really didn’t expect Grace would lose her voice because she was perfectly fine the day before, we really thought we would lose some fun if she couldn’t talk but instead, it was even more funny 😛

and here is a video of Grace that night, super funny :p

Anyways, a year had past, a New year has come, so what’s your New Year’s resolution?

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Aug 29 2011

MP魔幻力量+丁噹(Della) 臺灣文化節 2011

The moment I had been waiting for, to see 丁噹(Della) live at HarbourFront.  The weather was soo nice, not too hot, super clear sky, perfect lake view and its a fantastic day for out doors.  The event started at 930 but we arrived there at around 700, was totally going to try those Taiwanese food but look at the lineups in the pictures below…  anyways, at the end, we decided to have dinner at Watermark restaurant, you can take a look at some of the pictures I took there, amazing steak pie I had along with other appetizers as well 😀

There are tons more pictures on my facebook link here Enjoy 😀

Also a few video clips here on my youtube channel 😀

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Jul 08 2011

Markham RibFest & Music Festival 2011

RIBS RIBS RIBS!!!  It started at 6pm and Connie decided to go at 6 to avoid the long lineups and she was definitely right.  When we got there, there weren’t a lot of people because the event just started, once we got the food and sat down, people started coming in like crazy.  By the time we finished, the place was already packed with people and the line ups were soooo long.  You can take a look at how crazy it was from the pictures below.  I strongly recommend if you want to go, go early :p  Anyways, if you need more info, here is their website  the event will end on Sunday night, if you like food, you should definitely go 😀

here is a video on my youtube channel 😀

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