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Apr 07 2011

Home Studio test 1

Of course with the equipments I have, I need to do a few tests with the lighting and color settings.  Did a few tests with Livius and his Dog Meow Meow, all it took was like 15 mins and here is the outcome 😀

The setup was with my 2 main flashes, 1 main and 1 slave with a white background, that’s all I did.  The outcome was acceptable wasn’t it :p  Here is a few more pictures I took on facebook

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Apr 03 2011

Photo tests with new flash and led lighting

This week, I borrowed a Canon flash 430 EXII and a LED light from Raymond, so I did a little test this Sunday on my camera.  From what I had been testing so far, a professional lighting is really needed for indoors, just take a look at the result 😀  Don’t forget, a little professional PS skill was added :p

Definitely have to thank Raymond for lending me the lighting stuffs so I can do some tests and Cheryl for being my model this weekend, I will keep on doing more tests and hopefully I will come up with more better ones in the coming weeks 😀

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Sep 27 2010

Wilfred’s Old House

Took this a few months ago, his house was on sale that time, thought it was a good idea to take some pictures because of it’s vintage style 😀  Thanks Wilfred and Kris for letting me take these awesome pictures 😀  Here is only a few of the best once I took

If you want to see more, here is the full gallery link on my facebook!/album.php?aid=290239&id=689775210

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Jul 14 2010

3D video test (2x Canon 550D T2i)

I had been wanting to do this for a long time, as most of my friends know, I have recently bought a 550D, so did my friend Raymond.  Then I borrowed a mount from a friend that would allow me to mount the 2 cameras together, went to Raymond’s house so I could use his camera to do this test.  Having 2 exactly the same cameras and lens would allow me to take footage, just like our left and right eye, then I used Adobe Premiere to make this video.  Left eye footage on the right and right eye footage on the left, uploaded to youtube using the tag yt3d:enable=true  yt3d:aspect=16:9, that’s is 😀  of course I have to thank Raymond for letting me use his camera, Susan, Katie and Koey for being my models :p  Please enjoy my first ever video clip in 3D

P.S.  if you don’t have those red and blue 3d glasses, you can try out cross-eyed (only way without glasses) 😀

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Jun 25 2010

More pictures tests (Sunset Beach + Night pix)

It was really sunny so me and Eleanor decided to go Sunset Beach to take more pictures together.  Also took some night pix at Sunny and Karry’s house 😀  I am really getting better with the color settings with my Canon 550D.

more on my facebook page here!/album.php?aid=233281&id=689775210

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