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Karl Ng 做芒果芝士餅 Mango Cheese Cake (牛牛騎呢篇) Bloopers (NG鏡頭)

After I made that Karl Ng 做芒果芝士餅 Mango Cheese Cake (牛牛騎呢篇) video, I figured I should post the bloopers for the viewers about what actually went wrong behind the scene.  I was laughing my head off when I watched it back because there were soo many things that went soo wrong and soo freaking funny!!!  Anyways, here is the final bloopers video, please enjoy 😀

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Karl Ng 做芒果芝士餅 Mango Cheese Cake (牛牛騎呢篇)

I am not a professional baker or anything, but at least I am still trying hard.  I made a Mango Cheese Cake today and made a video of it, when I watched it back, it really gave me a good laugh, I really hope it would do the same to you all viewers 😀

Ok, here is the part 2 video, of course, it was still very 騎呢, at the end of the video, I was trying to decorate the top but of course, it was a failure, but the end result of the cake was soo tasty :p  Anyhow, I really hope you all enjoy my Mango Cheese Cake video and thanks the camera lady Corolla for doing this on mother’s day :p


牛油 50g
消化餅乾 1 cup
Cream cheese spread 450g
濃縮芒果汁 1 cup
糖 2 ts
魚膠粉 1 ts
fresh cream 1 cup

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Another competition day, a banana sponge cake.  I was there late so Mary started one already, by the time I arrived, her cake was already in the oven.  So all I did was to follow Corolla’s recipe, but she did watch me so I was ok :p  Of course the end result was the same as always, I won again hahaha!!!  Just watch the video and you will see at the end, is freaking funny 😀

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It was my first ever baking class in my life this week, and the teachers are Queenie and Corolla who are my classmates in my other cooking class also.  In my first lesson, I have learned how to make a sponge cake and of course, this is something that I had never done and after class, me and Mary decided to make one our own.  We started making it one after another so Mary made one first then me.  The results?  Well, take a look at the video I put together 🙂

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