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Christmas Lunch @ Mandarin Buffet 2012

I am extremely proud of myself that I had been working in the same company for a year and a half now.  Being at our company lunch at Mandarin Buffet for the second time was just as fun as the first time.  We didn’t have as many people as last year but we got to be sitting at the same table with everyone, lots more chatting and getting to know each other more :-P.  Food was good as always, just like last time, I ate quite a lot especially those mussels with black bean sauce and some Shanghai noodles :-p  Anyways, I know I had thoughts about leaving this job but from what I see right now, this is actually not bad at all, it’s still a dream job that people would die for, at least from what I see at the moment :-P, I guess I will be staying there for a long while hehe.


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Dinner @Richtree Market + misc.

A casual Friday dinner with friends @Richtree Market, a restaurant I hadn’t been to for a long while.  The one we went to is located at Bayview and York Mills, it used to be Marché a LONG time ago in case you don’t remember.  I was really expecting the restaurant would be packed but instead, it was only 1/2 filled.  I had a crepe with Italian sausage and veggies which was something I had never tried, nothing would go wrong with mussels in white wine sauce for sure, not to mention they have a Sushi bar there as well.  Food wise is alright, it’s something good to have once in a while really :p  When we were finished, it was still very early so I invited everyone to chill out at my place since Eric had never been to my house before.  Anyways, a few pictures I took during the night, enjoy 😀

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Christmas Lunch @ Mandarin Buffet

This was really a big day for our company because it was our first time having Christmas Lunch out side of our office.  Instead of eating in an intense environment (office), Mandarin Buffet on Woodbine ave. was our number one choice, it was close to the office and newly renovated :p  I am so glad we went because they have all kinds of food that fits our colleague’s different culture, most of the food is pretty good and the smile on my colleagues faces which I don’t see very often in the office, priceless.  As most of my friends know, I don’t go to buffets very often, top reason is I don’t eat much but this was actually pretty good, I ate quite a lot especially those mussels with black bean sauce, hehe :p  Anyways, time to take a look at my colleague stuff their faces and some pictures of our Christmas presents lucky draw after we headed back to the office.  Enjoy!

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