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White Orchid – SouthEast Asian Cuisine (蘭花軒)

To celebrate Shu’s birthday early, we decided it to try something a little different. With a total of 14 people Cheryl found us a private kitchen (私房菜), White Orchid – SouthEast Asian Cuisine (蘭花軒) located on 360 Highway 7 east., unit 5, Richmond Hill. Causal lunch by day and fine dining/causal by night, this is really a unique place.  Price wise is not that bad to start with, just take a look at the pictures of all the dishes we ordered below, each of us had to pay $40, not bad 🙂  Food was great, it’s a little different from a lot of other Chinese restaurants because of it’s kind and style.  A must try if you are in Richmond Hill, one thing I should mention tho, the place is tiny, if you want a big dinner with friends, you better call to make a reservation hehe

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Canada Day long weekend BBQ 2012

We were so graceful that we had a super nice weather over the whole long weekend, perfect for the event that we had been waiting for, Canada Day long weekend BBQ tradition at Cheryl’s house.  Tons of people, tons of food and of course, TONS of fun 😀  Something was totally different this year because in previous years, we had Cheryl, her mom and some other people preparing food but this time, only our master chef Macy prepared the amazing good food.  Of course the outcome of the night was a success as expected, thanks Cheryl, Auntie, Uncle and Macy putting the party together for us 😀

As always, go to my facebook gallery to check out more pictures of the event here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151070615160211.485245.689775210&type=1&l=40d90a17b5

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Chinese Tea Culture Canada

Finally had the time to make this post :p  Had been learning tea culture the past 4 week at Chinese Tea Culture Canada and trust me, its a lot more than what I had in mind 😀  Now I have a better understanding of Chinese tea, history and culture, seriously to me it’s way way better than learning winery :p  Well, the main key it’s to know how to bring out the good in your different kinds of tea leaves, you never know you might find in your tea cabinet, some priceless treasure maybe?  Anyhow, after the 4 classes, I know I found the good in my house which I thought it was the bad :p  Many many thanks for our tea master Connie, Rita and Emily for teaching us some great stuffs 😀  If anyone if interested in learning these, you can visit their website at http://www.c-tea-ca.com or let me know 😀

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