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Ricky was here!!!

Glad to see Ricky came back to Toronto for a short visit, I don’t even remember when he left Toronto but this was a perfect opportunity for some old friends reunion.  Years ago, a small group of our friends went back to Hong Kong then people started going different directions, so quite a lot of people that we haven’t seen for a long while.  Anyways, we decided to have our old friends gathering dinner at Moxie’s.  The night was awesome, we tried to catch up everyone and stuffs, reminds me of old times having poker nights and hanging out together.  Oh and big congratulations to Cindy of her pregnancy too!!!

P.S.  for those of you that want these pictures in full resolution, you can download the files here https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_mlqvrXUFhGWW9NQWVvbUZ2UGc/edit?usp=sharing

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Visiting Grace (小雞篇)

小雞 (Emilie) was born!!!  Last weekend, me and my friends decided to visit Grace and her new born Emilie.  It is still a very shocking true that Grace is a MOTHER now, hahaha.  We just hope that little Emilie won’t turn out like Grace is when she is all grown up, hahaha!  Sorry, I just can’t help it :p  Anyways, here are some picture of the afternoon with sweet Emilie 😀

there is a little more if you have a facebook account 🙂

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Karen’s Bday 2009

I know I had been lazy about posting things here, but here we are, a new post after a few months :p

After a few months of the basement renovation, I finally got a chance to throw a party for real. Although the basement is not 100% done yet, since there are still 2 more rooms waiting on the floor and still have to get more furniture but the most areas are pretty much done.  I am pretty sure there will be more parties to come soon 😀

Me, Cheryl, Vivian and Karen had sushi take out dinner that night, then Grace, Simon, Gary and Ricky joined us after. It was nice to see some old friends showed up cuz I really hadn’t seen Gary and Ricky for a long time 😀


If you want to see more of that night, I do have more in FACEBOOK

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