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Video test with 550D T2i

The Canon 550D T2i I ordered finally arrived, as most of my friends know, I was dying for the video features of it.  After playing with it for 2 days, I have put together a video of the test clips and I title it neighbourhood because all clips were taken around my house :p.  Due to the file sizing issue, I re rendered the video to 720P with H.264 compression.  I will probably try more tests soon with low light and other settings but after all, the out come quality is pretty good 😀

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New Toy :D (another good purchase this year :p)

I was supposed to shop around for a new digital camera because I am going to give my dad mine, so I went on sonystyle and started looking, and you know what, the P series netbook was on sale hehe.  Then my attention turned to this netbook totally and ignored my camera shopping, of course at the end, I can’t resist the temptation and bought this lovely netbook in White :p  Got it from Purolator this morning, charged it fully, uninstalled everything that I didn’t need , installed all the important software and tested it the whole afternoon.  The battery can last about 2.5 hours with wireless on streaming at all time, graphics wise is a little laggy when playing youtube videos in 480P but playing downloaded movies in avi format is fine, so overall, it was a really good purchase and I love it 😀  Anyways, just wanted to share this happiness with you all  😀

Oh, just ignore my Sony Rolly in the back hehe

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