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CLUNY Bistro

I was told a lot of money was put inside this place so we had to check it out 🙂  In the heart of The Distillery District Toronto, there is CLUNY Bistro, a 11,000 sq. ft French restaurant which is surrounded by tons of historical buildings.  What a perfect place to celebrate Vivian’s birthday!!!

The front door really doesn’t tell you the size of the restaurant, I walked by a few times and I never noticed this place, but ones you walk in, I was overwhelmed with the interior design and space.  Everything is very French, from china sets to dinning tables, even the floor and ceilings are soo much in detailed, very pretty everywhere.  Food was fabulous, they have my favorite “octopus” and “frog legs”!!!  Portion wise it’s small but with a big taste, it’s quite perfect if you want a chit chat gathering with friends and family in my opinion.  Of course at the end, it comes with a price tag which was expected, but still it’s worth a try especially after spending an afternoon in The Distillery District and you are looking for a nice diner 🙂

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LAKEVIEW Restaurant

Located in heart of downtown Toronto, Ossington ave. area, LAKEVIEW Restaurant (1132 / 1134 Dundas Street W), an old school vintage diner which had been restored in its historic 1932 style to serve traditional and re-invented diner classics and comfort food.  It was also featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins & Dives highlighting popular menu items like Freedom Toast and the Apple Pie Milkshake. (YouTube link here)

Well the style is surely different from other restaurants, especially that Captain Canuck character you see everywhere inside (tons of syrup bottles that they sell), they even give you a comic book featuring Captain Canuck.  Food was great, typical western bar food like with some specialty dishes, it’s worth to try it at least ones but it does come with a price for their good food, I found most of the food a little greasy.  Some people like and some people don’t 😛

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Barsa Taberna

This time we tried something different for Karen’s birthday other than our regular routine Japanese or Chinese, Barsa Taberna – a Spanish restaurant with a little fusion twist, located right at St. Lawrence Market area in the heart of downtown Toronto.

All the dishes we had taste as good as they look, we found the food portion is a little small if you are sharing with 8 people LOL, another way of saying is, it’s more like a restaurant that if you are just looking to nibble 😛  Some dishes were a little too salty to my taste and some had too much herbs my friends said, service was very good, nice servers and a very cozy environment.  Overall, it is perfect for gatherings and to spend hours catching up with friends 🙂  2014 top 10 restaurants in Toronto, got to be good!!!

Sorry, I don’t have all the names of our orders, you might have to show these pictures to the server while you are there 😛

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SANTORINI Mediterranean Cuisine

I won’t say this is the best of it’s kind but surely it is different from what I would try normally, SANTORINI Mediterranean Cuisine, a restaurant that imported all their ingredients from Greek and serve using high-quality products such as Black Angus Beef and fresh seafood with a very inviting atmosphere. I am so glad we could try something out of our usual appetite for Simon’s Birthday this year 🙂  The restaurant is huge, very easy to spot, location is right on Bayview Ave. and John st., outside of Thornhill square.  Menu is nice and simple, I was told their fish dishes are the best but too bad I don’t eat fish but our appetizers were very impressive and so was my steak. yum yum 🙂

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pictures added 21 Nov 2014

I am not a big burgers fan but it was probably the best burger I ever had, HOLY CHUCK, located at highway 7 and Pine Valley.  Compare to other burgers places, they have soo many varieties of burgers and fries you can choose, if you think burgers are all about beef, this place can prove you wrong because they also have bacon and even ducks in their burgers, not to mention their milk shakes are also their specialties as well 🙂  The size of the burgers is big so are the other stuffs and some burgers can cost even up to almost $30.  If you like burgers, you really have to give this place a try, you won’t regret it 🙂

P.S.  I fell in love with their logo, it’s a cow’s head on a plate LOL

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