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Ciao wine bar

Located in downtown Yorkville, Ciao wine bar, my favorite kind of food, Italian 🙂  If I remember correctly, it was movenpick (the ice-cream place) at the same location from years ago.  Tho the entrance doesn’t look very appealing to me but once you open the door, the excitement started to kick in, the inside is very spacious and trendy.  Quite a lot of interesting dishes choices to choose from and the prices, woah, I always thought the restaurants in that area were always over priced but ummm not this place.  Ordered my all time favorite which is pasta as always and I was impressed, well, I guess in that area, it has to be or it will not survive right?  😛

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Napoli Ristorante Pizzeria

pictures added 31 Jan 2014

Napoli Ristorante Pizzeria, a very unique Italian restaurant located in Niagara Falls that truly delivers the word Italian and very glad to finally have a taste of this place because it was rated one of the best on tripadvisor
2013.  The inside of the restaurant is very simple, nothing fancy or anything, the waiters are kind and polite, and their menu is filled with their inexpensive home made style Italian, food was of course amazingly good, not too oily or salty, their dessert choices were very unique and not to mention they also made their own pasta as well which not a lot of restaurants do that.  I would totally recommend this place to any locals and tourists and you won’t regret it 😛

P.S. reservation is recommended because they are always booked 🙂

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Four Brothers Restaurant and Tavern

There are a lot of Italian restaurants out there and it is really not that easy to find and very home style Italian, luckily there is just one close to the falls area, Four Brothers Restaurant and Tavern, 5283 Ferry Street, Niagara Falls ON.  Unlike most modern restaurants, it is very dated inside, doesn’t feel very big but feels very cozy.  Here is a video of their restaurant promo on YouTube (the video doesn’t belong to me)

Prices are alright, alcohol beverages prices are a little high but food was really not bad, my soup was nice, my lasagna was made just right, tho the sauce wasn’t thick enough but its made to be very light, unlike others are always very cheesey. The spaghetti my friend had was amazingly good, the sauce was very much like my taste. Overall, I would definitely come back if I am in the area.  One more thing, since it is in a main Niagara Falls tourist area, it is really a bitch to find a packing there 😛  Anyhow, here are some pictures I took while having my meal 🙂

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Johnny Rocco’s Niagara Falls

Pastas pasta pasta… A night with a pasta craving and I found an Italian restaurant just around the corner of Canada One outlet, another chain, Johnny Rocco’s Niagara Falls.  Didn’t really have high hopes but as always I took a chance.  The first question I had after I sat down was, I didn’t see the restaurant’s name on their menu front cover, weird…  as a graphics designer myself, I know the NAME is very important.  Anyhow, I kind of ignored it and started looking inside of the menu.  They do have a great variety of choices and prices are alright, so without a doubt, I ordered my pasta and soup.  Not so happy about the server because he was mumbling a lot, food presentation was good, so was my soup but bread was hard as a rock, my pasta was a little too salty, barely saw pieces of sausage in my dish and the color of the pasta sauce looked very synthetic as in very red like dye…  Good thing the prices are not very expensive but if it is a chain, I would assume the food would be the same at the other locations too, so at the end of the night, I just told myself I would go back for a bowl of soup but not any thing else 😛

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COMO Restaurant

Yet, another great restaurant find in US, technically it’s not that far away and it was ones rated the best in the area, COMO Restaurant.  This one has been around for a very very long time as you can see in the pictures below and woah they also have their own bakery besides the restaurant!!!  A very home style/traditional kind of Italian you can find, great food, huge portions and tastes amazingly well.  It was quite scary in the beginning because the area is very quiet when I got there.  But, my pasta was very good, the bitterness of sour and sweetness of the pasta sauce got my taste buds excited, the pasta was made just right, and prices are just right.  Not sure what happened to the area because it seemed quite dead but it was really a taste to remember 🙂  I just wished I could find something like that in Toronto area because it really was something :-P.

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